Twee Seuns Suffolks had its origin in 2000 and we have produced many champions over the years and always perform well at the different shows.  At the 2010 Suffolk National Championships we won 7 of the 8 championships.  At the 2011 Suffolk National Championships we won all 8.

The farm, Lower Orpendale and Twee Seuns Suffolks Stud is situated in the picturesque & mountainous Eastern Cape, 20km from Barkly East. 

Suffolks offer you ease of management, identification and profitable production!  Talk to Johan, Steyn & Tjaart Steenekamp today!

Suffolk Society of South Africa




2de Twee Seuns Suffolks & 2 Broers Dormers Produksieveiling
23 Januarie 2015
11h00 - Lower Orpendale, Barkly Oos

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100 Ooie
40 Jong ooie
20 Ooie met lammers
20 2/tand ooie
20 Groot ooie
Bogenoemde is van ons uitstaande ooie
35 SP Ramme


120 Ooie
Geregistreerde ooie
Kudde ooie
Ramme SP en kudde
Van die ooie sal dragtig wees!


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